Company Profile


Tomorrow Brain Co., Ltd.


CEO, Koichi Kitagawa
Corporate philosophy Contributing to people and society by Exciting  Product value creation (Give wisdom, Human resource development)
Management policy Gratitude, Smile, Sincere and for our customers
Address 1-51,Rokujo kita,Gifu city,Gifu,5008359,Japan
Telephone number +81-58-214-7775
Establishment October 8, 2014
Capital 5,000,000 yen

Staff, Partners

【Staff】3 people

【Executive advisor】5 people

【Partners】Various expert 16 people(Industrial designer, Industrial designer, Design and implementation, Manufacturing process, Production technology, Develop sales channel, Confectionery craftsman), Various training instructors 10 people

Business contents

・Consulting & Practical support

・Human resources education

【Management consulting & Practical support】

 Corporate philosophy, Medium-term plan,  Formulation of management strategy, 

    Corporate Quality, Customer satisfaction, Organization management,Project management

【Marketing consulting & Practical support】

 Market consumer trend survey, Strategy planning(Marketing, Product, Sale, Develop sales channel), Store management, Customer service

【Product planning consulting & Practical support】

     Product planning, Service planning, Design, Development promotion, Prototype evaluation, Test sales, Develop sales channel

【Manufacturing consulting & Practical support】

 Process design, Process management, Factory management, KAIZEN, Quality improvement, Productivity improvement, Problem solving method

【Regional revitalization consulting & Practical support】

 Sixth order industrialization, Specialty products development, Tourism plan


【Management training】

 Analyze the type of brain, Improve staff motivation, The difference from companies that go bankrupt and companies that will continue to exist, Corporate reform, Awareness reform to customer viewpoint, Project management method, Make the president's policy and targets penetrate the whole company

【Product development(Product planning) training】

 Marketing in product development, Product planning(Basic course, Level up course), Consumer purchasing psychology

【Sales training】

 Marketing for cultivating sales channels, Consumer purchasing psychology, Store management, Exhibit method, Customer service, Emotional Intelligence Quotient of sales

【Qualification training】

 Japan Marketing Coordinator Association of Accredited school(Product planner, Marketing coordinator, Sales professional, Tourism adviser) 

Target business


Manufacturing industry, Wholesale trade, Retail trade, Education business, Service industry for general consumers


Nearest consumer goods(Groceries, Beverage, Daily necessities), Durable consumer goods(Furniture, Home appliances), Service goods

Main achievements

(Only companies permitted to publish)

【Company / Organization】

 Sony Marketing Inc.(Marketing), Sony Consumer Sales (Japan) Inc.(Customer service, Sales, Hospitality), HITO-Commuinications Inc.(Customer service, Hospitality training), TEAM CHAKKA(Product development, Marketing), Green Cycle Corporation(Recycling waste home appliances), NAGARAEN Co.,Ltd.(Confectionery manufacture, Sales)

【Regional revitalization】

 Shiga Women’s University

【Qualifications education】

 Food & Agriculture Co-creation Producers

 Japan Marketing Coordinator Association of Accredited school(Product planner)